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Saturday November 20th 2010

Make Money Writing a Blog – Day 6 and 7

This is the foundation of your blog business.

Week one is just about over. You have accomplished in a week what most people will not do period. Pat yourself on the back and take a deep breath. The foundation for your blog is set on solid ground. The time is now to build upon that foundation and turn your blog into a steady revenue stream. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be posting articles about affiliate sites such as Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale and others. These sites are where you are going to find products to advertise on your blog. Be on the lookout for them because you will start adding revenue products to your site in Week 4.

The next two days is all about writing for money. That’s right, time to create another weeks worth of articles for your blog. Now if you are feeling especially spunky and want to get ahead just a bit, write the additional articles for your Hub Page and Squidoo. Don’t post them yet, but write them so you have them ready. Just as you did this week, write one article to focus on each of your keyword phrase categories. Schedule them to post one a day over the course of next week.

Go to your Ezine Articles account over the course of the next couple of days and ensure that your author bio is set up. Click on the “Profile Manager” and find the tab for the resource box. The resource box is where you are going to drive people to your blog. This box should have a little bit of information about your site with two anchor text backlinks. Have some fun with this. The resource box will become a part of each article you post at Ezine Articles.

As we move forward, you are creating backlinks every day. Now think about this for just a moment. Each article you write partners with the other articles before it. They all work together as 24 hour sales people pointing readers in your direction. As your traffic builds, so will your revenue. I know we haven’t talked much about that and it is for good reason. You need to concentrate on building the traffic, which means building trust. Nobody wants to be sold anything. They want to know that they can trust the person they are purchasing from. This is where your integrity and character come into play.

I mention this now because as your blog business grows, I want it to be successful. The only way to guarantee success is to know that you are not only doing what is best for you as a business owner, but also doing what is right for your customers or clients. That is what makes or breaks a business before anything else. People may purchase from you once, but if they feel cheated or that you were not truthful in your presentation they will never purchase from you again.

Whether you are selling a product, a book or your writing talent always put your potential customers first. This is the time to put on that business mindset. Continuing on with this, you will build traffic and you will draw potential customers and clients. Your hard work will reward you, if you take care of your business. 

Sidenote: I mentioned that we were doing this together. part of that is relaying what kind of progress my new site in this process is going. First allow me a moment to let you know that The Freelancer Today is ranking with both Google and Yahoo at the moment, and we are not really going after any particular keywords. That is the power of article marketing that you are doing along with forum and blog posting. Now for my niches site that I set up for this particular series: The site is getting some traffic, averaging 20 hits a day. It is not monetized with Adsense yet, because we want to wait until we build our credibility and establish ourselves a bit more. However we do have some Amazon links going to the product that the site is built around. 20 hits a day on a site that is less than two weeks old is great. This is what we are building upon.  Trust me, if I can do this so can you.

One other thing that has come up is that I am getting emails from readers saying they read that a program will help them do things much quicker. While it is true that there are some fantastic software programs to cut some of your work in half, how do you know if it is worth it until you do the work yourself? Anybody can make claims of how much work a program will eliminate or what kind of results you will receive. But until you do the necessary tasks yourself, you never know if the price you have to pay is worth it. We will cover some software programs over the course of the coming weeks, but do the work yourself at first to understand the value of any program or software you purchase before you invest.

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2 Comments for “Make Money Writing a Blog – Day 6 and 7”

  • William G
    William G says:

    I have been following along on your blog and have I am looking to start one of my own. My question is based on your server, since you are not set up as blog.thefreelancertoday…, what formatting is done for your blog entries? Is it a simple process to duplicate? I think it looks great and it’s a great way to draw people in. Thanks for the wonderful information!

    I also write through Demand Studios and have written a few articles in Associated Content. You found me on Twitter not long after opening my account and posting my articles there.
    Thanks again.

    • Ken
      Ken says:

      This blog is a simple WordPress.org blog platform hosted through GoDaddy. I usually write all my posts on a Word doc and copy and paste directly into the template on the blog. I like it simple and easy.
      Thank you for visiting and working with the series here, I look forward to hearing of your results with your blog.

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