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Wednesday November 3rd 2010

Make Money Writing A Blog – Prelude

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It takes work to make money writing a blog.

Ok, so this is the prelude post to the Make Money Writing a Blog portion of the site. What I am going to do is create a residual income stream and turn it into a passive income site. What do I mean by this? Well, the site will start out using Adsense and an affiliate product to earn a residual income. In the process of creating and building a site, I am going to also create a product specifically for the site niche. Then everything will point to my own product creation which in turn creates a passive income stream that never has to be touched again, unless of course to make it better.

Now the forewarning. To get this going correctly takes work. It is hard work to start from nothing and create a business that will turn into a full-time income. The good news about this is that you will only work hard at it for 60 to 90 days.

So what is the work that is involved in creating this business that will grow into a monthly income? Writing. Guess what? You are a freelance writer writing for money now. Why not write your way to your own business or series of sites and continue making money on your terms?

Look you and I have heard it all before. The way people get their information is through the Internet. Look at all the print magazines and newspapers that are either going out of business or restructuring their business model with a focus on the Internet. As freelance writers we seek out clients that need web page content. Doesn’t it make sense then that freelance writers should be creating their own web page content for their own businesses?

However, the fact remains that most of us are just getting by on the pay we receive from our current clients. This economy has hit everybody hard and freelancers are more susceptible to it because of the simple fact we are freelancers. Most lending institutions see freelancers as a risk and will not even bother reaching out to you to give you a loan for anything. Don’t believe me? Go to the nearest car dealership right now and tell them you want to finance a vehicle on your freelancing pay. But as freelance writers we also have the unique ability to create income at any time. The problem is that most of us do not know that we possess everything we need to create a business that flourishes through any economy right at this very moment.

Ok so back to the prelude….it’s gonna take serious work. Writing work. I started my first successful site in September of last year. Now mind you, what I call success and what you call success may differ. In my terms, success meant that the site was paying for itself and paying me a decent part-time wage every month. But to get there took work.

Have you noticed what I haven’t said so far? It’s the one thing you are thinking in the back of your mind. How much is this going to cost me to get going and seeing progress? The honest answer is that it is really up to you. Me, I’m a cheapskate. What I am going to show you is the work involved without paying out anything extra. I am all about the work. If I can do it myself, why pay somebody else to do it? Now, don’t get me wrong there are some great tools that will make life much easier…the NEXT time you do this. But by doing the work yourself first, you will know that you are getting what you pay for when you do decide to invest in tools.

So all this takes really is hard work and consistency in doing it. I just wanted to be upfront and let you know exactly what is going to be involved. With that said, I will give you an update on Tuesday along with the process of getting there.

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One Comment for “Make Money Writing A Blog – Prelude”

  • kmf
    kmf says:

    Doesn’t it make sense then that freelance writers should be creating their own web page content for their own businesses?–> yes Kenneth, which is why I asked about the website creation in the forum. It seems to me if I can produce 30+ articles a week to someone else to generate income, I should be doing this for myself. And instead of going rev share, go full share to me.
    I appreciate this blog & your experiment. I will also be following your steps myself. I believe the time expended is worth it.

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